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Southview Crew - Adidas Gear - Place Unknown

Hey, what's happening? Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Sherman, and I grew up in Washington D.C. and P.G. County, MD listening to GoGo and going to GoGo's from the time I was a 13 year old teenager. I'm talking about back in the day when you could get into a GoGo for $5.00 and see up to 5 or 6 bands. Remember those days? Back in the day, promoters would highlight the GoGo's by calling them a Band & Show. They would last up until 5 o'clock in the morning at some places. For anyone who doesn't know why they were called Band and Shows, it was because the bands back in the day used to give a real show, with well organized and in sync steps. It was tight!

Me and my partners Terk, Danny A, Danny D, Monte, Doug & Marcus went to almost every GoGo spot you can name. We would go to Cheriy's with the whole Southview Crew to see Essence, Class and sometimes the old Physical Wundor. We would sit on the floor for what seemed to be hours to wait for the next band to play. The Panorama Room, The Coliseum (It was something about that place that I loved), Anacostia Park for Malcolm X Day, where E.U. would always tear it up. The Howard - Remember the metal stumps on the floor that would trip you up, which were left after the old theater chairs had been removed?

I remember I would even ride my bike to Forestville Skating Rink from Oxon Hill, by myself, with my tape recorder to see Redds & The Boys every Friday night, you talking about pressed! I would have my tape recorder strapped to the boy bar on my bike, and would groove all the way home with that fresh tape I had just recorded. My friends thought I was crazy, but everybody wanted a copy of that fresh new tape I had the next day. I also remember trying to sneak into Oxon Hill High to see Essence and none of us had any money. About 12 or 15 of us tried to lift one of those bike racks up to the Gym window out back, which was about 2 stories up. Little did we know how heavy that thing was. We got that thing up in the air and couldn't get it any further, so everybody just dropped it when we heard P.G. (The Police) coming. We ran through the woods and got all cut up and scarred. By the way, we gave up getting in and went back to groove to Essence from the back window.

We used to hit The Paragon II to see Trouble on Wednesday nights, man was that a hump from S.E. on the bus. I remember thinking we were in another city after that first ride there, but we kept going back. Crystal Skate, Evans Grill and Triples. The Friendly Annex, which would pretty much be S.E., Oxon Hill and Fort Washington. We would go down to the Ball Diamond in Charles County to see Benny and the Masters. We were fortunate enough to be at Highland to see Essence play for free. We would hit Southeast Gardens, which was really in Oxon Hill, Columbia Park to see Trouble again, the Cap Center to see all the honies from all over. The Chapter III, Eastside, Rythms, and I can't forget about the RSVP, at Waterside Mall in S.W. The Metro Club to see Essence every Thursday night. Wilmers Park, where we got stranded and never went again. Mrs. Mack (Rare Essence's Manager at the time) gave us a ride home, after we stopped yelling and cursing at one another. Each one of us blaming the other for not having a ride home. Man was it dark out there after they turned those lights out. We even hit spots in VA, like Alexandria Skating Rink to see Ovation and some other band, which had to be the worst band I had ever seen. We used to go down to Jimmy's Lounge and Cross Creek to see Prophecy, which was about a 2 hour ride, but we were driving by then. We would also go out to King George VA to support Doc and the Physical Wundor crew. That's enough for now!

On this site you will find the baddest Old School GoGo dating back to 1977, but you will also find Old School GoGo Poster T-Shirts, Old School GoGo Flicks, 24 hour Old School GoGo JukeBox that you control, Old School GoGo Videos, Old School Arcade Games and everything else related directly to Old School GoGo. If you are an Old School GoGo fanatic, then this site was built for you. So anything you would like to see relating to Old School GoGo, just let us know, and we will try our best to accommodate you. We will be having many Old School GoGo topics, where you can voice your opinion and be heard. We want everyone to recognize where and how GoGo got started, as well as the people and bands that put in the time, sweat and energy, to make it possible for the many GoGo bands to exist and play today. We feel the phenomenal GoGo artists from back in the day, don't get the deserved props that they should. So we will try to make sure they are recognized and never forgotten, through the efforts of OldSchoolGoGo.com. Before you tour our site and visit our extensive collection of Tapes and CD's, we would like to extend a special thanks to many of the people that had a real effect on Old School GoGo.

Special thanks to The Soul Searchers (RIP Chuck), Tony Fisher & Dyke (RIP), T-Bone, Tricky Foot Ricky (Trouble Funk), Sugar Bear, Oola Tony, Smokey, Foxy Brown, Butch, Sugar Foot Ricky, JuJu, CJ, Hunter, Vernon, Young Boy Lee, Mike & Tito! (E.U.)

Funk, Benny, Lawrence, Foots (RIP), Weaves, Jungle Boogie, David, Mickey, Funky Ned, White Boy, DC, Donnell & Derrick, Big Horn, JB, BJ, Scottie, Marky, also three cool cats, my man Godfather, Mike Muse & Luther, What's Happenin fellas? (R.E.) By the way, we can't forget about the Benny & The Masters Crew - Elmo (RIP), Kicko, JuJu and all the rest of that gang!

Eddie (Slow motion), GoGo Mike, GoGo Eric, Doc (Ayre Rayde), Redds, GoGo Danny (Redds & the Boys), Cabalou & Skintight ( Petworth), Tidy & GoGo Spanky (Class), Loose Booty (Peacemakers), Charlie Horse, Big Simmon, Goonie Brown (Mass). What's Up Sy, Rick & Tracy, Jazz & Lorenzo, Master Ron, D D, Mike, Stan & Michelle, Kevin, Slim Jim, Howdy Dooty, WD, Doc & Daou? (The Big Bad Prophecy Band). Special dedication going out to the Pure Elegance crew (RIP Dave), and my man Petey! We also want to send a special dedication out to the PC Groovers from Seat Pleasant, as well as the Superior Funk Band and the Mighty Groovers.

What's up Doc (Kenny), Reggie Reynolds, Ed Blair, Ginuwine, Hit, Casper, Craig Clipper, Mark, Big Mark & Rico (That Physical Wundors Crew). Buggs, Heavy One (RIP), Glass eye Darrell, Wink, Pratt & all that old Junk Yard Crew. Can't forget about BYB & NEG - Big G, Rah Rah, Hot Sauce, Buggy, Smoke & all that Old New School Crew still holding it down. We like to send a special dedication out to all the Rappers of GoGo - Fat Rodney (RIP), Stinky Dink, Rappin Redds, Tony Blunt, Ronnie T and all the rest of the GoGo Rappers! Special dedication going out to The All City Crew down at the old Lorton, up at Hagerstown, Louisburg, Petersburg and the rest of the Old School Crew on lockdown! A BIG SHOUT out to all the FEMALE GoGo Bands - Pleasure, Precise, Royalty, Clique & Delicious. Special thanks to all the soundmen - Rio, Googie, Mix Master, Charlie and all the rest of the Big Bad Soundmen. We can't forget about Wolfman, Tricky Rick, DJ Flexx, DJ Kool, DJ Rico and all the DJ's from back in the day, as well as today. IF we left anyone out, please send us an e-mail and we will add them to our list.

Now we would like to give a Special Dedication to all the neighborhoods and GoGo spots back in the day. Special Dedication going out to 14th and Quincy N.W., The Southview Crew, Ft. Washington & The Friendly Annex Crew, Cappers Crew, Park Rd., Clifton Terrace, Rittenhouse, Aspen Court, Fern St., Emery Heights, Celebrity Hall, Condon Terrace, Oxon Hill, Sursum Corda, Glendarden, Highland, Parkland, Landover, Congress Heights, Cheriy's (formerly known as Atlantic St. Skating Rink), Linda Pollen, Whaler Place, Hillcrest, Iverson Mall & Chuck E. Cheese in Marlow Heights, Riggs Park, the Black Hole, the Pic Center in Seat Pleasant, Michigan Park, Suitland, Galveston St., Barry Farms, Valley Green, The A Team, CIX, Gangster Chronicles, The Young Dillingers, The Hill Boys, Lincoln Heights, Mayfair Mansions, Paradise, Ledroit Park, 5n0, 640, Fairmont Heights, Simple City, Langston Lane, Forest Heights, Forestville, Maryland Gardens, Brentwood, River Terrace, Montana Ave. & 12th Street, Potomac Gardens, NW Gardens, Minnesota Ave., Nova Ave., Frederick, MD.

The Firehouses! Oxon Hill Firehouse, Lanham Firehouse, Brandywine Firehouse, Hillside Firehouse, Mechanicsville Firehouse, Bryans Road Firehouse, Glenn Dale Firehouse, Crofton Firehouse and all the other Firehouses that we left out!

7th & T, Lincoln Rd. & R, Hanover Place, Capital Heights, Edgewood, 8th & H Crew, Garfield Terrace, Palmer Park & The Club Lebaron, Seat Pleasant, Woodland, Glass Manor, Indian Queen, MLK Ave, Anacostia, The Room, Fairfax Village, East Gate, Trinidad, Benning Rd, The Ivy City crew, Washington Heights, Forest Creek & Evans Grill, Crystal Skate, Kalorama Skating Rink, Alexandria Skating Rink, The Panorama Room, Howard Theater, Maverick Room, The Coliseum, The Capital Center, The Stadium Armory, Triples, Anacostia Park & Malcom X Day, Paragon II, Ibex, Largo, Kenilworth, Summit Hills, Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Langley Park, The Moonlight Inn, The Dog Patch, The Mousetrap, Wilmers Park, Waldorf, Annapolis, Columbia MD, Good Hope Rec., Ft. Meade, Bladensburg, Hyattsville, Geogia Ave., Shirley Duke & Cameron Valley (Alexandria), The Burg, Halls Hill, Green Valley, Johnson Hill, Del Ray, Town & The New Projects, The Highway & 7 Woods, Beacon Woodz, Gum Springs, Dale City, Woodbridge, Reston, Gaithersburg, The Tamarack Crew, Rockville, White Oak Armory, Cross Creek & Jimmy's Lounge, the Soldiers out of Leesburg VA, Loudoun House Hustlers, Georgetown South - To be continued.....

For anyone who has stumbled upon our site and has no idea of what GoGo is all about, Click Here to check out the History. For everyone else, click on one of the links at the top of the page to start enjoying your visit to The Baddest GoGo Website on the Planet.

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This is a great site. Everytime I listen to a show or band play from this site, I go back to when I had a Philly, wore Used Jeans, Fila's, French Schriners and a gold rope/herringbone. I was part of the Shadyside/Suitland Crew back in the mid-late 80's. I remember my 1st go-go at Oakcrest Rec in Capitol Heights. I went to see E.U. and Prophecy Band at 13 y.o. and Ayre Rayde, and Class Band at John Edgar Howard Rec.

When I turned 14-17, it was Chucky-Cheese (Marlow Heights), Crystal Skates,Cheriys, Capital Centre (back to school boogie), Wilmers Park, and the RFK.

Back in the day you could have your box and record the go-go with cassette tapes. Wasn't nothing like having a crystal clear PA tape of a band or show. Man, that was like having diamonds or gold in your hand. You had POWER in your possesion. Everybody wanted a clear PA tape to play in their box.

My bands back then was Junkyard and Lil Benny. Saw Essence play at the Crampton Auditorium (Howard University)1987. FUNK came up thru the stage floor hittin "Do you know what time it is" Mickey was smacking dem Congos.

I remember going to see Benny at Padgons Corners with Luther and Elmo getting busy one time. Straight cranked. Got on display a few times that night with my man Pooh.

When I turned legal I stepped my game up to see Essence, Chuck, Back, N.E.G at the Ibex, Metro Club, Deno's, Sheraton Hotel, Celebrity Hall and Kilimanjaro's. Tried to always take a flick. Most of the time by Mr. "G".

Go-Go will forever be with me. I'm in Charlotte, NC now and went to see a band here that plays go-go called Uptown Swagger. They was alright but, nothing like back home bands.

Go-Go's were fun back then. When you left after the show you didn't have to worry about ducking bullets. You only had to worry about getting jumped. I seen plenty of bamma's and chicks get dropped by one PUNCH after the go-go . I wanted to share some of my go-go history on this site. It's good you have created a platform for go-go heads to listen, express and share their go-go stories, opinions and love for a historic and one of a kind music. Keep it going..... Lil Jimmy

Hey Lil Jimmy, first we would like to thank you for the mini story. We remember that Shadyside Crew, when we weren't going to a GoGo, we would hit the Game Room and the Jerry Lewis Movie Theater on Silver Hill Rd, in what is now called The Penn Station Shopping Center. I think the Game Room was called Time Out, but not sure.

Thank you once again for your comment and your support Lil Jimmy!!!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Hi, there! I'm reading We Gon' Be Alright by Jeff Chang, and he's talking at one point about DC changing as whites took over more and more of the city in the recent years. He says, "The old spots--a P.A. tape spot here, a BBQ spot there--seemed to be disappearing." In googling "P.A. tape spot" to see what it meant, I found your great site. Can you explain what Chang means by that phrase? Thanks!

First we would like to thank you for the compliments regarding our website.

When Jeff Chang was speaking of P.A. Tapes, he was talking about recordings of the Live GoGo, where the recording was done directly from the P.A. Mixing Board, through a set of audio wires. This resulted in a Crystal Clear recording of the Live Band, as opposed to the mediocre to poor quality that patrons would normally get using a hand held tape recorder. To get your hands on a P.A. Tape Recording of a show in the early 80's was the ultimate high, and would elevate you to the elite popularity rankings in High School and your neighborhood. This was especially true if the P.A. tape was Rare Essence, as they wouldn't allow hand held tape recorders in most of their shows.

Although a P.A. tape was the epitome of quality, sometimes one could get really good audio quality from tape recorders, if they knew what they were doing and were disciplined enough not to move around too much throughout the show. I was one of those who could get really good quality recordings from a hand held Panasonic recorder.

We hope this clarifies the meaning of P.A. tapes for you, and thank you for your support!!!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Peace to GO GO Lorenzo gone to glory at 53

Hey T, Thanks for letting us know! R.I.P. Lorenzo!!! Thank you for your support T!!!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Excellent site. Can't forget the Kennedy Beer Garden with Sir Joe and Chuck bringing down the house on Saturday nights.

Hey Derrick, you have just put the Kennedy Beer Garden on display. Thank you for your support!!!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Out of all them spots you named how is it possible u left out 7th&T. Not to mention Lincoln Rd and R also Handover. R.I.P WENDELL & COCO

That's or fault Goobly, we thought we had listed those spots, because we certainly meant to. We know we had 7th & T on our mind when we listed the Howard. At any rate we have now listed them all thanks to you! Thanks for keeping us on our toes and bringing that to our attention, also thank you for your support Goobly!!!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

This Scooby out of that Riverdale section aka DA DIRTY DALE u forgot about all the fire station gogo's n the Pic Center in seat pleasant.

Hey Scooby, Thanks for reminding us of those spots. We will be adding them soon. Thank you for your support Scooby!!!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

This is KQ from the Stoneleigh Crew. I would like to send a shout out for the School Boys Band who use to play with Trouble Funk at the little park on Dix Street N.E. Also to all the functions at Highland outside and inside. And don't forget R.E. at the Famous Ballroom in Baltimore. R.E. the wickedest band ever!!!

Hey Kevin, thanks for reminiscing with us! The great memories of GoGo will stay with us forever! Thank you for your support Kevin!!!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Stacey Nelson

Hey Stacey, thanks for reminding us of Superior Funk and the Mighty Groovers! We already had Pure Elegance on display, now all of them are on display thanks to you! Thanks for the support Stacey!!!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

No mention of the Soldiers out of Leesburg Va., Loudoun House Hustlers, (LHH) we used to do the thing out at Cross Creek, Jimmy's Lounge., used to bang wit da Hill boys.. Georgetown South... 85-89.

Hey Stinger, thanks for the heads up! The Soldiers out of Leesburg Va., Loudoun House Hustlers & Georgetown South have been officially put on display! Thanks for the support Stinger!!!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Laughing at the time at the DC Armory when we (Southview Crew) got in a serious brawl with the Gangster Chronicles. Sherman and Terk got thrown out by security and your man Big Bob held the fort down up in there. Remember that night Sherman? LOL

Hey What's Happening Mel? Yeah, we had some memorable times at the GoGo! It's good to hear from you Mel, and thanks for the support!!!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

I'm from Washington Heights, Landover MD just to let yall know. We cant forget about "Dave" the lead talker for Pure Elegance. He was a good guy who loved go-go and a good friend of mine, and lots of people loved him also.
ps. I don't see anything from "pc groovers from seat pleasant md" here.

RIP Dave!
What's Happening Ken? We remember that Washington Heights Crew! We had family, and still do, on Belle Haven Drive! PC Groovers has officially been put on display! Thanks for the support Ken!!!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

How yall forget about Langley Park...we had everybody come thru.Tink and the boys,Paradise band,Hot cold sweat,junkyard,Chuck,EU,Trouble, Pleasure, Re,Ayre Rayde,Central groove..Langley is a total different world now..But looks no different.Peace to the all REAL go go heads. T

We didn't forget about you. Langley Park is represented on the site, it's just down the page a bit. Thanks to you, we've got it in the top section now! Thank You For Your Comment & Your Support T!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Man yall took a niiga way back in the day. I used to hit all those old go go spots. pananrama room, the room downtown, ibex, kalarama skating rink, the capitol center, spingarn high school gym, rsvp, the eastside, Colosseum, dont forget the howard theatre,the maverick room, the ice box, wust, and so many others. Big shot out to my old river terrance crew, blaine street and my ne crew 8th and H st. I love this site. JC

Thanks for the props! Thank You For Your Comment & Your Support JC!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

I notice there was no mention about Frederick, MD. Yes our town is small but we have seen a lot come and go from NY, SC, NC and DC. I can still remember my first go-go as a teenager at the Classics in Frederick with Trouble Funk hitting Lets Get Small and Chuck Brown Doing the Happy Feet yea now thats old school. From Trouble Funk to Chuck Brown Ayre Raid Lil Benny & the Masters, EU, Pump Blenders Pleasure Band Junkyard Backyard etc they all have been to Frederick. And my girls and I have traveled the roads to East Side, Black Hole, 16th & Kalarama Rd, Wilmers Park Brandywine Md, Classics Allentown Rd, come on now give credit where credit is due! Love the site and im 42yrs old and a professional and R A R EE SSENCE JYB BYB NEG FO LIFE!!!!....ONCE IN THE YARD ALWAYS IN THE YARD #somethingscantbetakenaway

Hey Lynn, Frederick, MD has officially been put on display! Thank You For Your Comment & Your Support Lynn!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

What ever happened to Foxy Brown? Where is he now? First time I saw him cracking congas was at Adams Morgan fest, long time ago. Shout out to all the old school Go Go. I left DC in '93 and am back. Good to see Go Go is not forgotten.
White Boy T

Welcome home! Not sure where Foxy Brown is these days, but we're sure someone can send us an update. Thank You For Your Comment & Your Support White Boy T!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

I love old school go go this new go go can't come close to the sound of old school.
Perry Cornish

Agreed! Thank You For Your Comment & Your Support Perry!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

I been listening to go go music since 1973 when R.E was called the young dynamos and trouble was called band 2000 lol and i still listen to old school go go and thats all i listen to i will die listening to old school go go


Hey Dewayne, you got us beat by a few years! We knew RE was the Young Dynamos, but never got a chance to hear them. We didn't know that Trouble was Band 2000, thanks for that bit of history. By the way, we'll probably die right with you listening to some old RE, Trouble, E.U., Redds & The Boys or Ayre Rayde. Thank You For Your Comment & Your Support!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Got 2 pay 2 play on the highway rt.1 highway crew still around...10 for 10...love this site!!! foxy brown...mickey...jungle boogie...spanky...mr wiggles...god father...love that old E.U. n Chuck n ayre rayde they my favorite bands n show! n then Essence..colliseum...paragon...cherrys..howard theater..black hole...tht was go-go!!!! they was cranking back then!! damn tht was a wonderful time in my life...i remember whn u ddnt say u ws frm out va..smile..u jus got ur groove on

Lofi All Over

Yeah, times have really changed, now it's the DMV, not just DC & MD. As for the new music, I don't know what's up with that, at least no one can take or change our past or our memories! Thank You For Your Comment & Your Support Lofi!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

The group sdc was a band from capital hgts, the mc or rapper was mike gilbert and the drummer mike james, kevin walker on guitar, rick white bass, renard knight percussion, shorty mann on congos, marten on keys, steve on sax, rodney on trumpet. Mike gilbert is a muslim name, saif plays guitar

Thanks for the lineup of the SDC Band, and Thank You For Your Comment & Your Support!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

BIG SHOTS OUT TO YOU BROTHER SHERMAN AND CREW! I am from D.C., but i was sent to Alabama as a youth. when i got back to D.C. in the mid 80's , i was a cold Bama for real, lol!. i went to every Go Go and danced my butt off when i got back in my early teens. i was a BIG BAMA back then but man... you have brought back the best times of my life! i just want to thank you for having this site for a fellow like me and the rest of the GO GO FAM to enjoy and go back to a time and place that was only in our memories until you and your crew gave it back to us Sherman. I... speaking out of turn for all us and I'm more than sure they(we) all agree! we APPRECIATE YOU BIG BRA!!! we love you, i love you and keep up all the great work. HAPPY HOLIDAY'S TO YOU AND YOURS, GOD BE WITH YOU ... Peace Out!


Thanks Vincent! We really enjoyed reading your post, and greatly appreciate the props! As long as we live we'll continue to do what we do, and there will always be a place for Old School GoGo. Thank you for your support Vincent!!!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

MORTONS! As I did with People's Drug, you return with Morton's. Did a lot of shopping there. I didn't have much fashion-sense at the time, so I rarely ventured into Cavalier's.
Just did a search. The spot I used to hang out in was called "Sound of Maryland". I bought my first large-scale boom box there. Is it still there? I need to get back down there soon.

Tony Lewis

Hey Tony, don't think the Sound of Maryland exists any longer. I used to go in that spot and pop on the congos. Thank You For Your Comment & Your Support Tony!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Received my Ayre Rayde T-Shirt the other day. I hung it up. Can't stop looking at it, and I can't wait for the opportunity to cop more.

I'm a New Yorker born and bred, but D.C. is my second home, and I think I'm one of the few NYers that truly truly loves Go-Go music for what it is and was, and not sampling mine for Hip Hop. When people listened to Rock The Bells, I would say "That's Trouble". When they listened to Salt N Pepa's "Shake Your Thang", all I heard was "Happy Feet by Mass Extension. I lived in Oxon Hill with family for about two years in the mid-80s(not too far from Eastover), and I used to hang out in the little record and electronics shop a few doors down from Peoples Drug. I miss those times.

Thank you for the site. MORE T-SHIRTS! I can't wait to rock them up here in NYC! :-)

Tony Lewis

Glad you like the shirt Tony! We can't believe you brought up People's Drug, that used to be CVS or Walgreens for all us serious old heads! My mother and brother worked in the Giant that they put in place of the Old Morton's. How about the old carnival they used to have there every summer, that was the spot! Man, those are some good memories! Thank You For Your Comment & Your Support Tony!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

This site is outta site,i'm a DC native and love GOGO. My freshman year at VA. State i had to battle my New york room mate damn near everyday over who's music was tighter. I could not stand Curtis Blow and that cut AJ...i would blast my RE,,,EU.. and Chuck to the point he was asking me to bring him back a tape every time i came home. Just sitting here now listening to the way GOGO use to be, brings back so many memories. My partner Craig H. and i would hit the Forestville skating rink every weekend. I notice no one mentioned Duces Wild and Sugarland Band(i think)..they merged together and formed SDC band and show.Any way this current GoGo scene just is not like it use to be. Now heres a little trivia for y'all ...old school GoGo heads this will be easy.....

1)what name did Rare Essence use when they first started (easy)

2)name the original horn players for EU....(name all three..hint)

PS. Can any one help me...i am also a REAL BIG P-FUNK fanatic and the George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars had a show at Crampton Auditorium and after that show George showed up at Triples and jammed with RE that night. That night Godfather and Marky were there and toe the keyboards up...AtomicDog was played like i never heard played before...i mean that SHYt was crank'n...does any one remember and more important does any one have a copy of that night.........

GoGo 4ever

Thanks Mike C.! We would answer the trivia, but that would be unfair, so we will leave it to our fans. Unfortunately, we don't have the George Clinton Triples show, but we'll see if we can locate it for you. Thank You For Your Comment & Your Support Mike!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

This site is like a classroom, except I don't hate it. lol


Thanks Ayuda, and Thank You For Your Comment & Your Support!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

My name is Ellis and I did have the pleasure of growing up in D.C. but instead grew up in Mont. Co. I remember as a little boy hearing my first go-go tape of R.E. w/Benny. Well that started my love of go-go music. I'm 41 now a no joke I listen to go-go everyday. Now I love R&B soul, Rap & Neo Soul but there is nothing and I mean nothing like go-go. I remember going to see bands like High Potential (used to set up equipment), Pump Blenders, Ayre Raid, Junk Yard, Pleasure, etc.

Man, I remember the first time I saw R.E. @ Tripples Night Club in Marlow Heights. Now let me keep it real I was a country dude from MoCo so it was a jive treat to goto D.C. or P.G. my man & I walked in there saw Funk talking to the crowd. All of a sudden I saw a spot light come on and I saw I tell you no lie 200 people yelling "Forest Creek Hustlers". It was dam near the whole club. Man we partied that night. One thing for certain and two things for sure there is nothing like the old school go-go. Back in the day it was a prerequisite to have a P.A. tape was to have a INTRO. My favorite by far is the 11-29-85 Blackhole w/ Tricky Rick & Benny. Enough said! I honestly believe its our responsibility to keep these treasures alive. Sherman people like you, Mike (Patapsco) and others are truly a blessing. Without you guys I believe the old school go-go music would be lost.
God bless you and yours


Thanks for the props Ellis, and for the story of Triples as well. We remember Triples well, and how sometimes we would go there and hang outside, just to be there. We've got plenty of shows from that spot, and will be adding them to the site soon. Thank You For Your Comment & Your Support Ellis!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

I'm impressed, I must say. Really hardly ever do I encounter a weblog that's both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you've hit the nail on the head. Your concept is excellent; the difficulty is something that not sufficient persons are talking intelligently about. I'm very blissful that I stumbled throughout this in my seek for one thing referring to this.

We appreciate the compliment Gonsajons. Thank You For Your Comment & Your Support!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

My name is Marc and I have worked as a keyboardist for several bands on the Go-Go scene, most recently Proper Utensils. I must tell you, the music has changed very much from when I first began performing. Just about every Go-Go venue that I performed at, has been closed down.. Cheriy's, The Metro Club, The Ibex, The All Around Racer's Club, Wilmer's Park, Tripples Night Club, Evan's Grill, Club U, etc... WOW! Those were some good times! To all the orginal Go-Go Allstars, both still here and gone on to another life.. Much love and respect to you all... Thanks for allowing me to share the stage with you all!
Nothing But Love,

Hey Marc, you're right, everything has been shut down, which makes memories of the past even more treasurable. It's amazing how we thought those days would never leave us when they were here! Time waits on no one, so enjoy each moment!
Thank You For Your Comment & Your Support Marc!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Great, Excellent site!!!! I still have my cassettes from 82'. That was real GoGo...Used to walk from Park Road to the Coliseum..only $5 man. Remember Fat Rodney...7th&T, 8&H, Hill Boys, A-Team, Gangster Chronicles...None of this crazy shooting..

We remember all of that, we knew dudes from the A-Team, The Gangster Chronicles, as well as CIX.
Thank You For Your Comment & Your Support!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

My brother sent me this and the minute I heard it I went way back!! The memories!! This is absolutely awesome!!

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This is David F (Scratch) the first guitarist of Backyard 1984-1985, wazzup SuperCooper, Buggs, Bay Bay, Sauce, and forgive me for those to whom I did not mention. I'm 41 now and glad to see that a site like this has been put together so the new boots will know what a real pocket sounds like. I'm glad that someone held on to all of the treasures that we can still listen to. Man I was 13 all over again looking at some of those old clips. As it would have been said back in my day, this site is hit'n and stick'n like popeyes chickin : )

Back in the day when I was getting tapes, I just wanted to have more than everyone else, I never knew it would get to the point where they would become treasures. I wish I wouldn't of loaned out the hundreds that I never got back, especially the Redds & The Boys, and The Mass Extinction collection I gave up when I went to boot camp in 1985. I never got them back!
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Old School go-go music...This is just the darned BEST!! Thank you.... Thank you! You hit the nail on the head!! go Blue Majic

Thanks for the prop, &
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Young! You sound like me, Timmy and William. We hit Wilmers Park, Happyland, Cherrys, Evans Grill, Metro etc. I'm a ole head now. I'm from Waldorf, MD. I'm now in Newport News, VA. I still have all my pa tapes in da shoe boxes lol. Glad u made this site cuz! Bamas down here call me go-go Joe or D.C., I live and die 4 go-go. Much love 2 all the go-go heads. D.C. women r still the best, 'huh-man'!

Thanks so much! We used to travel down to your part of town to hit the Ball Diamond, to see Benny! There was also another spot called the Mouse Trap, and don't forget ya'll had the $1 movies down there on 301 in the late 80's. By the way I had all my tapes in shoe boxes too, but now they're in an old huge dresser drawer! LOL
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Oh my God. When I received this email from a friend in DC I went crazy. I live in Las Vegas now but talk to my friends in DC. Man, this is off the chain.

I love it!

Thanks so much! Comments like yours keep us motivated and working hard to make the site even better!
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What's good, It's Lala from the Carolina's. Love ya sites. Brings back memories from the Tales in the hood if you know what I mean. Keep doin what ya doin. Old sckool always doin big thangs! BeBreezie

Thanks for the props Lala. We always enjoy it when someone is taken back to the good memories of the past, due to our efforts!
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Why don't you make it so that we can pay a monthly subscription and be able to download directly from the site?

This was one of our original ideas, but it requires the end user to be somewhat savvy in downloading, otherwise we will have many unsuccessful downloads. We may still make it an option in the future, but it will take some time to incorporate.
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Seeking talented females to play percussions, sax, guitar, and keyboard for a new R&B band. GIGS lined up for DC METRO AREA - Must be at least 25. If interested please send inquiry to my inbox or nikki.johnsonmarketing@yahoo.com

Hope you have much success with your band, and we want a copy of your first show! (lol)
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Thank you Sherman. You just brought back alot of memories for me. Shout out to the Riggs Park and Michigan Park Crew.

Bringing back memories of the Good Old Days, is thanks enough for us, although it is really nice to hear it from time to time!
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I need those Junk Yard Band CD's with RAPPIN REDDZ on'em. Hook-a-brotha up!!!

We have a few on the site, but we will be adding a whole lot more soon!
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Hey Sherman, it's your old classmate Adrienne (Lord Baltimore, Friendly High). You did the damn thing w/this website!!!! You shared things that either made me reminisce, or you shared things that I didn't even know occurred. I definitely enjoyed the feedback from everyone, as I can relate to some of their stories (standing in the long lines, the fights, no ins and outs?. :-))

I always said that someone needed to do something like this as go-go (particularly old-school go-go) should have it's own genre, not falling within the categories of Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B. TMOTTGOGO deserves some recognition, as well!

I am a go-go fanatic myself just like you and many of the others, so you doing this is a seriously huge dedication and representation of what go-go fans have been wanting for a very long time!

There is one thing - (I don't think) there was any mention about JuJu House (E.U./Lil Benny & the Masters/Chuck Brown). His pockets were furious! They kept you on the dance floor. A living legend that still has the endurance that he had 20 plus years ago. Major shout-out to all the old go-go bands (RIPs and living) and of course you, Sherman, for making it do what it do!

Keep up the good work!!!! Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's up Adrienne? Thanks for all the props, it's really good to see old friends visiting the site! By the way, thanks for the heads up on JuJu, we have now added him to the site!
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Hey! Its Lucinda from Sweden, used to live in DC back in -81 to -87. Found a job at the Paragon II and I was hooked on the GO-GO beat. Made new friends and my girl and I went to all kind of places to see the bands. It was crazy but in a good way. Love the site makes me SMILE big time. Yes The Coliseum was something else....Thanks for memory lane :)

Hi Lucinda. We know the Paragon II very well, used to party there with Trouble Funk every Wednesday night, somewhere around 83 or 84.
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Hello all, I am from Nasville TN, and had some old school fun in the Ville, at the New Era club on Jefferson St. So much fun! Have you heard of Jonny Jones blues man, Larry Ladon, Jimmy Church, the new music is great but a band!!!!! Back in the day we WANTED to hear and see the band, not just listen to a DJ. Man it was so much fun, Dance my self to sleep. I remember some one getting shot! I was so mad because that closed the joint for the night, but we were right back there the next night!! Love this site! Great music, thank you so much!!

Never heard of those musicians, but can totally relate to the sound of the live band, there is nothing like it!
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I just wanna say thank u for this web site, somebody recognize good music. This is the 1 & only LISA OF THE WORLD!

Hey Lisa. We used to see you and one of your girlfriends everywhere in the early 80's, we even met a few times. I can't remember if it was the Coliseum, Panorama Room or Cheriy's, maybe all 3, because those were our favorite spots back then.
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Man this site got me choked up, My Name is Craig Blac, I had a Old School Go Go Show on WKYS back in 98 and I been Living in St Louis for the last 8 years, don't get this out here!!! Well I'm a fan and thank you for this, it was really needed!!!!!!!!!!! I'm on here everyday now looking for all the old school music.

Thanks Craig, I remember your show, Sunday nights at 9:00 to 10:00. I never missed it, until they started to change it and it was no longer about Old School GoGo. Believe it or not it was your show that sparked the idea of this website. We wanted to give Old School GoGo all day everyday.
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A word on CONGAS. I was checking out you-tube the other day watching various bands give their conga players solos and then a debate started over who was the best and somebody said Smoke was the best, somebody said Mickey, Sauce, Petey, somebody even said Peany was the best. But since we talking old skool, hands down Jungle Boogie was the best. Now Milton is the current champ now, but Jungle Boogie was like the Dr. J of congas and Mickey is the Michael Jordan. And every conga player has to give him credit b/c his style defined the go-go pocket. Trouble didn't have that raw socket, neither did E.U., but let Funk call on Jungle Boogie, Footz would break it down and that was the real socket. Jungle Boogie didn't even have a rival until he came back on the scene in '84 with A.R. As years progressed people thought he was sorry but he just didn't play the newer mode of mixing it up and playing long 10 minute solos. He kept his original style, layed back in the pocket. Mickey got out there on him at a show when both of them played in the early 90's, but Funk recognized his legacy, and even though Mickey was/is a sublime conga player, he told Jungle Boogie not to feel bad and to think about the "Monument he left in D.C.". In closing, you can't discuss congas w/o mentioning Jungle Boogie. "C'mon let's dance yall, dance Jungle Boogie"

We agree with you, except when you say E.U. didn't have a raw pocket. E.U. had a cranking pocket, not as laid back as R.E. but hard. A lot of people forgot about or didn't know the E.U. congo players before Foxy Brown (Smokey and Ooolah Tony), who were both good congo players. We do want to say, that if it were not for Jungle Boogie, we probably wouldn't even consider debating about congo players, so we have to give him props for paving the way for many of todays congos players, regardless of who is considered the best. By the way the R.E. you spoke about with Mickey against Jungle Boogie, it's the "R.E. - 1989-7-30 Ibex w/Jungle Boogie", which you can order by Clicking Here!
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Wow, amazing site. Great work. This brings back so many fond memories of the old school go go days. I remember me and my crew would all pack into my Chevy Chevette and head to the Moonlight Inn. We would sneak our tape recorders in and then stand next to the speakers so that we could get a clear tape. Those were the days.

We used to do the same thing, but we could never get the recorders in for R.E. I remember trying to get into Cheriy's with one of those little recorders under my hat and got caught, so I had to go and put it back in the car.
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Thank you so much for this web site. There is nothing like the old School Go Go.... Lot of good times and memories...

Much luv and respect to you .

Thank you for the appreciation, and we couldn't agree with you more! Old School GoGo had an attraction and magnetism that kept you in a daze! We loved it, and followed it wherever it went. It, as well as the remembrance of how we all (DC, MD, VA) embraced Old School GoGo, from the Posters in our rooms, to the PA Tapes, to the live shows, is what gives us the energy and drive to do what we do.
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I wanna say Peace and Love to everybody that ever was born, raised, played, hustled or struggled in Arthur Capper Projects BKA "Cappers" 501, 601, 625, 1011, Virgina Ave SE, M St SE, 2nd St SE, 7th St SE and all streets in between. Who remembers the "Center" RIP to REDD'S, he's from "Cappers"!
Michael Graham '84 Georgetown Hoyas "Cappers"

Hey Michael, we used to get our hair cut over at Fullers barbershop. Me myself, I started going there when I was 13, which was in 1980. At $4.00, he was the cheapest barber in town, although later he went up to $5.00. By the way, speaking of Redds, he was one of my favorite bands back in the day!
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Does anyone remember the Show with Class Band, Ayre Rayde, E.U., Chuck and then Essence at the Coliseum with two stages? When everybody thought Jungle Boogie still played with Ayre Rayde and Ayre Rayde started out with the Jungle Boogie theme, then Eddie came across the mic with "That's Not Jungle Boogie, that's LOVE BOAT, DO IT!!! That night every band pushed it to the limit and cranked so hard, Essence had to dig down deep and take it up another level and showed why they were the best. It was either a 1984 Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years Show.

How many people agree that during the summer of 84', Ayre Rayde had Essence?

We vaguely remember that Coliseum show, so we can't comment on it. We can understand if you or anyone else feels Ayre Rayde was out cranking Essence, if not in the summer of 1984, then at some point in time.
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What's up Reggie? Man it's been a while! I remember when you were playing with Physical Wunder, many times up Cheriy's with R.E.! Those were the days! Spread the word about Old School GoGo, and take care, it's good hearing from you.
Thank You For Your Support Reggie!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff


Yeah, we remember! There was also another band called the School Boys, and a few more that we can't quite think of right now.
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My brothers how could you not mention the sweat box in NW (NW Gardens) or the IBEX!

Whew! Man Love the site!

We can't believe we forgot them either! That's our fault, we have now added them to the site.
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I remember the DC Recreation Show mobile back in the day.

Anybody know what happened to the Go Go Bands like; Black Heat, The Young Senators, Lead head Band and Show and the Brook land Highlighters from North East.

Also I tried to find the video with Chuck Brown and the Soul Searches when they were on Soul Train playing Blow Your Whistle.

You're going waaay back! If anyone has any information on these bands, please send it to us, so that we can post it to the site. We will see if we can locate Chuck on Soul Train playing Blow Your whistle.
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Sherman, those are some great memories. I just heard that Boolah the guitar player for Ayre Rayde passed away a little while ago.

Is this true? We hope it isn't, but if anyone knows anything about this, please send us an update!
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

I had to do some digging but it's true about "Boolah". Clarence "Boolah" Roper played in quite a few bands, including a P-Funk Tribute Band called The Clones of Funk. Last year, they did a show at the Cardinal's Nest and the members of the band did a tribute to "Boolah" including a rendition of the Ayre Rayde groove Special Hello.

We used to debate this all the time back in the day, but IMHO Boolah was better guitar player than Rare Essence's Whiteboy.

RIP Big Brother...
Big Will

Hey Big Will, thanks so much for helping us out with that research, we don't know if we would've had the time to dig up the information, which you did. By the way, giving Boolah the thumbs up over Whiteboy takes a lot of guts, and we won't say that you're wrong, but many will disagree with you. Hearing Boolah funk it up at many shows and on many tapes, we can see how your opinion was developed.
Thank You For Your Support Big Will!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Whats up Sherm! Classy Chuck (Private Affairs), I'm so glad you have some evidence of our existence!! A lot of people don't remember us, but we were a solid young band!! We had the only white boy congo player(gogo Elroy) and I would love it if you had more Private Affairs shows!!! Friendly High '87!!! I remember you came to one of our practices!! I heard you were a good congo player!!! Thanks Sherm!!! Friendly High's own PRIVATE AFFAIRS BAND AND SHOW!!!

Hey Chuck, what's going on? I remember coming to that practice with Derek, on the 2nd floor of Lord Baltimore Jr. High. Hey, ya'll did ya'll's thang while you were together! Too bad you had to break up, who knows where you would be now. We'll try to get more Private Affairs, we happened to have that one in our collection.
Thank You For Your Support Chuck!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Nice Site! How can you forget about all the sound technicians, stage crews and managers that made it possible for the bands to play? Special shout out to all that old Petworth Band stage crew and managers from 1984 & 1985, Chippy, Quinton, Kevin AKA Skinny, James AKA Sasquatch, Joey, Moe, Tala, Anthony, Richard AKA Yogi, Jay Pat, Big Scootch and Captian Black.

Our apologies for leaving the sound techs out! We want to send a SPECIAL, SPECIAL DEDICATION out to all of the sound techs, from Outa Site Mike (RIP), to Googie, Mix Master and all of the rest of the technicians! There would be no GoGo without you all.
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

I see you still doin your thing champ, with the site, hellava job!!!! Keep up the good work. Gogo lives on through your site. Pacman.

Hey Pac, what's happening? We're trying to get it done! Hey everyone, Pacman was one of our old Thursday Night Metro Club crew. We would go to see R.E. every Thursday night!
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Glad to see that go-go aint dead yet! I grew up around 8th and H and we used to gogo at the Atlas on H street and of course the Coliseum. Yall remember The Room? It was across from the bus station downtown, we used to see Benny and Pump Blenders back in 85 or 86 for only a BUCK! Can't forget about seeing Junk outside at Gallery Place when they had the buckets. I still be crankin The Freak a Deak Zone almost daily!

Thanks for the e-mail. Yeah, we remember the Room, the Atlas and especially the Coliseum. I remember sleeping outside at the bus stop on 8th street, after leaving the Coliseum somewhere around 1982 or 83, while waiting for the bus to get us back to M Street so we could catch the A bus back to Oxon Hill. Little did we know, that bus didn't run all night like the A buses, so we had to end up walking all the way to M Street.
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

The other way around for us. We had to walk FROM the bus stop on M street after going to Cheriy's or the Panorama Room!

Hey: Don't forget the cats up in Philly........we were there as well. Intruders, Whispers, Stylistics, Delphonics, Blue Notes, Billy Paul....and even further, Spaniels, Dreamlovers, Poogie Hudson, Paragons, Jesters, Harptones, Flamingos, Lee Andrews, Moonglows & the Hearts etc. etc.

I want to hear some 50's also.....23rd & Diamond Street memories (1957 - 1965)

Special dedication going out to you and that Philly crew. We will see what we can do about taking care of your request!
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Man all I got to say is, bring back the good ol' days, when Go-Go used to unify (not divide) the city. No matter where you came from, once you heard Go-Go, you would NEVER forget it!

That's why we're doing what we're doing. We wanted to share the incredible experience of Old School GoGo with everyone!
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

I grew up on Go-Go from my older twin brothers Rod (RIP) & Chris (birthmark on eye). I was about 5 or 6 when I would listen to their tapes from Cheriy's, the Coliseum, Black Hole, Triples, & Wilmers Park. I couldn't wait to get older so I could get into Triples! (never made it) I knew about all the bands, I don't remember y'all mentioning Class Band & show or Prophecy featuring Tracey Rucker. Mike Mews can blow - Hey Baby ;o)

When I got older I started going to the Williams Ctr. & Oxon Hill Development Ctr. to see Junkyard, Progression & Certified Funk. Y'all remember the Big Butch Hotline? lol...Whatever happened to that dude? I heard some STRANGE things but, Im not getting into that...

Then I started following GROOVERS real hard...phat, phat, phadadatdadatda....P-H-A-T, that was my $HIT: Rick's, Rolands (by the car wash off Brightseat Rd. - Why was the floor always soaking wet?) Can't forget the Black Scorpio (warehouse) and the Fitness Ctr. in Forestville. Forest Creek was SO DEEP!

I got grown and started following Essence at the Met (Montana - BIG Mike & BIG Kenny) and wasn't nothing like the EASTSIDE ("Ain't not party, like a Eastside party, cuz a Eastside party don't stop".. they ain't NEVER lied) and RHYTHM'S. Two of my friends got drunk and jumped off the stage! I looked down and took the steps :o)

Now I'm grown & SEXY so I like the 30and over scene with Chuck BABY, Familar (Tradewinds) & Vybe. I'm so glad Scooby left and Lissen got back together - no disrespect. They sound so good together. WHEW, they used to crank @ DINOSAURS!

If you can't tell, I LOVE GO-GO...It's in my BLOOD! Thanks for putting out an OFFICIAL go-go site. Keep up the good work.

"Miss Mimi"...you know who it is!

Hey Miss Mimi, that is one of the most in depth in interesting stories we have heard, and we loved reading it. You had us reminiscing! Oh, by the way we did a piece on Big Butch, which you can find under our "Flix" link, or you can CLICK HERE to read his story. We didn't forget about Class, Prophecy or Tracy. You can find a special dedication going out to each above, and you have put them on display again!
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Do you have any more Proper Utencil cd's, featuring Jungle Boogie, Funk and Benny

We have quite a few Proper Utensil & Legends shows, but all of these shows are still on tape. Since we are getting requests for them, we will try to burn a few to CD this coming week. As we transfer them to CD, we will send out an update, so make sure you enter our mailing list at the top of this page!
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I just thought of a Go Go story to share recently. I showed my cousins and their families around DC recently for Obama's inauguration and it reminded me of 23 years earlier when my cousin and I took some Detroit cousins to see Chuck @ the Panarama Room. So there we were with 4 female cousins, trying to enjoy ourselves but still making sure they weren't getting freaked (yeah we were blocking). They were tripping at how guys would come up and dance with them without asking. Anyway, a fight broke out before Chuck got through his first set, but the bouncers broke it up quick and Chuck got back to playing. I notice that two of my cousins were missing. One of the bouncers came & got me and said that somebody was at the door for me. My two missing cousins had gotten scared when the fight broke out and headed for the door. Y'all remember on all of the go go posters, right after the price it read "NO INS & OUTS". All of us had to leave because they couldn't get back in. Classic '86 Drama.

Good story! Got to love those Old School GoGo Stories, they're the best!
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Trindad Avenue, Ivy City, 8th & H St. Crew, & The Atlas Theatre have been put on display!

Thank You For Your Support!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Do you have any cd's of the Legends (Benny, Funk, Jungle Boogie, and the other original members of R.E.? I think their first show called the Legends, was at a hotel in Greenbelt MD

We have quite a few Legends shows, but like many of our other shows, they are still on tape. As we transfer them to CD, we send out an update, so make sure you enter our mailing list at the top of this page!
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

First, let me commend you on this site. It is extremely informative and on point. It is always good to reminisce on the old days and pass on some Go Go history to the new generation of bands. Your "History of Go Go" page (although it's hard to find on this site) should be mandatory reading for anyone claiming to be a fan of Go Go. I have a nephew that sings with one of the new bands, who was lucky enough to have their music playing on the radio. He heard me playing a '85 or '86 Essence w/ Mike Muse singing "This Christmas" and he had no idea who Mike Muse was. I told him that Mike is/was the best singer in Go Go, and burned him a few cd's of Mike singing w/ Essence, Proper Utensils and A Touch Of Essence to prove my point. He called me back a week later to tell me that I was right. That just proved my point that the youngins don't know enough about Go Go's history. With that said, I am emailing your site to everyone that I know! Keep it up. What's up T. Roosevelt Class of '87?
ps. What's up w/Chuck cd's on this site? I would hope Chuck wouldn't have a problem with it since you're "giving away" cd's. I'm looking for '83 or older cd's. I have to burst bamma's bubbles @ the flea markets and PA Palace that try to pass off '85 & '86 cd's for '83. Knowing damn well Chuck couldn't be hitting "Friends" or "La Di Da Di" in '83 when they didn't come out until later.

Good example of how today's GoGo generation have no idea on how it all got started! In the very beginning we did have Chuck on the site, but had some problems with his advisors/legal team, this despite the fact we did business with Chuck in the 90's. Anyway if you want to get updates on Chuck make sure you enter our mailing list at the top of this page!
Thank You For Your Support!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Wassup all, way to go Sherman, I grew up in SE, and Ft. Wash. Md. GoGo in the 70s and 80s was the best, you couldn't mess with Ayre Rayde and Essence on a good day.

You got that right!
Thank You For Your Support!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Dawwwg u takin' me back. I remember when Junkyard played at the rec center in Barry Farms in '83, so you know I'm old school. If u got it, put up that old Essence at the Metro club from '88. And I got to shout out that old Lincoln Heights Crew. Peace!!!

We already have a 12-1-88 Metro on the Playlist, we will be adding many more 88's soon!
Thank You For Your Support!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Mannnnnnn, ya doing the dam thing bringing back old memories with family and friends. I have one request I'm not sure if it was RE or Little Benny & the Masters that played inside the old Discount Mart in Eastover. I think that night was Mike's last day before he went into the service. Mike sung the ladies out of their clothing, Little Benny hit (Glass house) for a good 35min and then he let the pocket ride. If you have this gogo tape holla back.

I remember when Mike rolled out and went into the service. I think it was Benny who played down Discount Mart. We might have it on tape. If we find it, we will send out an e-mail, so make sure you're on our mailing list.
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Hey Sherman get your facts straight, Joe. Its the Oxon Hill not the Friendly Annex. Forestville does not have a skating rink it was Crystals Skate. Are you even from the area?

You should do some homework! I've been in the DC Metro for 42 years. There was an Oxon Hill Annex and a Friendly Annex, which used to be behind Oxon Hill Elementary on Livingston Rd, and later became the Oxon Hill Staff Development Center. Crystal Skate is on Branch Ave, there used to be a skating rink in Forestville in the early 80's off of Forestville Rd on Penn Belt Drive. If anyone out there knows what I'm talking about, send your comments.
Thank You For Your Support!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

***A Response To The Above Message***
Sherman you are right about the Friendly Annex and the Forestville skating rink. For a character who has been in the area for 42 years, I should of known you would check your facts. It's all good Cuz...

Thanks for hitting us back, and keeping us on our toes about our facts.
Thank You Again For Your Support!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

GoGo was the best thing going in the late 60's and 70's when you went to St. Mary's Burgundy Room, Masonic Temple to get down with the Godfather of gogo Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers, and the Young Senators. You knew when Chuck started to play you were going to dance at least 20 minutes none stop. IF I COULD TURN BACK THE HANDS OF TIME. Songs like we the people started your night. I still love gogo its in your bones when you hear the music you have to get up and dance.

That takes us way back!
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

I came along in the mid to late 80's, anyone coming along can not forget GO-GO Nate, he hit me in my head for $10 on the regular.

We remember GoGo Nate! Remember Essence would let him get on the Congos. I think we got a tape of one of those shows!
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

I ran wit da ole 7 an T crew and yall left out a lot of hoods, starting wit da all city crew down at ole Lorton before it closed, but we was deep up Hagerstown. What happen to 5nO, da hill boys, Georgia Av day, LE Droit park, 640 Lorton Morton, Clifton Terrace. What happened to Ronnie T ohwee, Trina Boo. I just came home and the Ibex is a furniture store. Man I got a lot to say. Remember when Scarface played wit Essence or was it Ice Cube I think it was both my man had the tape out in Kansas like in 91 or 92 maybe 93 I forgot. Does anyone know who EK Wayne is that dude name was everywhere oh back to the hoods Keniworth, Paridise, Langstan Lane, River Terrace remember Kojack that use to work for Rio..............

Thanks for reminding us of those hoods, it's so many quite a few slipped our minds. You just put them all on display, and we added them to our list of hoods! By the way Scarface played with R.E., we got that on tape, but haven't added it to the site yet. Ice Cube played with R.E. (We think) & Junk Yard, up Triples.
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Man....the memories!!!! Been hoping to find that RE at Sidwell Friends. Mickey was killin it!!! Especially "dance to the drummers beat". 23 years later it's still fresh in my head.
Glad you got it available.
Don't forget about Vinnie D (aka Vinnie Bernard)- "55 Dollar Motel"

Thanks for reminding us of Vinnie D, we almost forgot about him. Now he's on display!
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

This site is a god send, man the times were great, the go-go nation was great, and the bands were off the hook. I remember the 12 to 6 am in the mornings at the Howard, the Maverick Room on Wednesday's $3 before 10:00pm. Me and my Partner "Black Dre" would try to hit a go-go everynight if we could. I even worked at Atlantic Skating rink sweeping up after the shows so I could see all the bands for free. Sometimes we would try anything to get in, once we got on each others backs at the front of the Masonic temple and my boy dre climbed the latter of bodies to get in that window at least two stories high. Boy those were the days.
Love the site, and much respect.
Stan the Man (Friendly class of 82)

Hey Stan, great story!
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff (Friendly class of 85)

This site takes me back!!!! WOW!!!! I remember when our homecoming dances at Anacostia High School were Trouble Funk and Rare Essence and we used to dance in the windows of the gym or when Redds and The Boys would play at Kramer jr high. Man! Those were the days!!! If you could ever find what I think is one of the most crankingnest RE tapes of all time, the show they did at the DC Armory when the lineup was RE, AWB and a WHOLE HOST OF OTHER BANDS. IT WAS THE SHOW WHEN ESSENCE CAME OUT ON STAGE WITH THE TRAIN THAT SAID RARE ESSENCE AND THE GUYS WERE WEARING THE WHITE TUXEDOS WITH THE RED CUMBERBUN AND THE WHITE TOP HATS. I BELIEVE THAT THIS WAS THE VERY FIRST TIME THAT RE PLAYED AT THE DC ARMORY. I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!! I SAY YALL DOING THE DO!, I SAY YOU DOING THE DO!, YALL ARE KNOCKING THE SOCKS OFF THE FOOTS!!!!!!!
George Abbitt formerly of that MINN. AVE CREW!!!

Hey George, thanks for your appreciation!
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Hey everyone is forgetting the hot spot for the charles County folks "Moonlight inn was one of the hottest spots for go-go's in the 80's!!

We didn't forget, it's in the places mentioned along with Wilmer's Park. How can we forget the Moonlight Inn, everyone talked about that spot.
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Don't forget about Southern Maryland, cause we cranked at the Wilma's Park in Brandywine, Charles County's LaPlata Drill Hall, Prince Frederick Armory, King George Lodge, Elk's Home, Mousetrap, and don't forget about Moonlight Inn where gogo was the best thing for everyone moving. I am 42 years old and gogo is still a big part of me because I lived it, love it and can't get enough of it. I remember when Junk Yard had the buckets, GoGo Mickey, Foots, Whiteboy, Sugabear, Lil Benny, were the best there was. I will never let go of the gogo flow, so just so you know I love gogo gogo gogo!
Tee from Southern Maryland.

Hey man I love this site!! You take me back to Jr. High all the way up!! I have already referred people to this site, because it is the real deal!

Thanks for providing crankin go-go and decent prices!! Keep cranking!!

AwwwwYeah "The Valley" out of Hillcrest Heights, MD. Luv the web site. I will always remember going to the Club LeBaron, Highland and The Howard Theatre (Damn it used to be cold in there until Essence started crankn it up) and there was ALWAYS somebody from the Valley already there. Misda ole school GoGos.
"ClarkBar" Potomac '82

Very Nice Site! Thanx!


Hey, thanks GoGo Fatz, we really appreciate that!
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Don't forget about that Black Nation Band and show and how they used to crank the Howard with Pump Blenders and Essence on friday nights. Big shout out to Winks (Chris), Chane, Archie, Derrick, Brian, Happy Hands Gary, Rodney, Bop (Ryan), Hollywood Vince, Shorty (Vince), Ralph, ET (Elton), Lonell, Slim Jim, DJ, Lisa and Pinky. Remember we cranked so hard in the Friendly Annex that it was water on the floor from the walls sweating, and the crowd kept partying. I love and miss all you guys....

P.S. I can't forget about that super rolli crew Daryl, Clip, Berton, Norman, Steve

This site is kickin' up some old memories. Anyone remember the xmas song that pleasure did?

That would be Santa Claus is coming to town.
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Some of go go's most popular beats have come from groups such as Parliament. R.E.'s lockit beat is from Parliament Live Oakland 1977" Come in out of the rain". If any youngins get the chance check out the CD it has George Clinton on the front emerging from the Mothership in a white spotted mink coat. The CD is a pre cursor to a lot of heavy pocket beats.


Whats up. This is Chane from that old school groove Black Nation. I live in Michigan now and this web site sure brings back memories. I can remember all the shows we used to play like the Moonlight Inn, Cheriy's' and the Howard Theater. Whats up Sherman? Bless you for continuing the legacy of Old School GoGo. Keep up the good work.

Hey, What's up Chane! I'm glad you found the site, and I hope everything is well. I didn't know you were in Michigan now, but I'm glad we can bring a little taste of home to you. Hey Old School Fans, Chane is one of my buddies from that old Southveiw Crew!
Take care Chane, & Thanks For Your Support!
Sherman & Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

As chuck would say "Haw, man!"..We used to catch the P-12 (Eastover) Metrobus from the top of the hill at Hillcrest Heights shopping center and ride down that long ass hill and up the other hill to go to the go-go at Potomac Back in the day...Remember the Homecoming Dance in 1985 at Potomac, featuring Ayre Rayde?..Man they cranked so long, we was straight sizsed!..that show was to be over at around 10 or 11, but they cranked until PG (police) came and turned the lights on , and then they played like another 30 minutes before they cut the power!!...You cannot buy memories like that..my favorite bands: RE, Chuck, Ayre Rayde, Mass Extension, Class Band, EU, Trouble and The World Famous Junkyard Band and Show...I hope these youngins learn their history pertaining to go-go, and what it meant to play a live show that was entertaining..and straight crankin! Long Live Go-Go..its the one thing that if "you aint from DC, MD, or VA, then you do not know..but you better recognize"..this is our music now and forever!!..Marlow Heights, Hillcrest Heights, Green Valley, St. Barnabus Road, Briar Village, Dunlap Street, Briar Village...Potomac Class of 1986
Chukky aka "Hally Hal"

This web site is the bomb! I appreciate the length you went to for old school to have its way. I love it. I have provided many people with this site and they in turn have referred it on. Thanks again for making my day a good one.
Vivian P. of S'ville, SC

Yo what's good GoGo community! Back in the day I was groovin with the Billboard Chart makin, Movin' and Groovin' Redds and the Boys. It's your boy "Hollywood" the left handed bass player from back in the day, still gettin' busy, that's right! Busy! This really is a shout out for the often forgotten Soldier, Anthony "Redds" Williams, a major player and contributor to the ongoing success of Go Go. Right hand in the air, left hand down in your???? Movin' and Groovin', Hittin' and Holdin' Shoot him with the Bop Gun! What! I'll take you back! Redds formerly of Rare Essence, stepped out on faith that he had what it took back in the day to be on top of the game, and made it happen, a true pioneer of the game! Let's not forget the pioneers, the trend setters and innovators of a legacy of a very powerful music and movement! Keep supporting the music and movement of Go Go! Can't nobody do it like we can! Believe that! You can catch me at www.dreamregime.net That's what's up!

Hey Hollywood, Redds was one of my favorite bands, I'll never forget him!
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

The site is da bomb. I remember hitting the Panorama Room to see RE and Reality on Friday nights, Cheriy's to see EU, Class, and Physical Wunder, and Crystal Stake to see Ayre Rayde. Does anyone remember when Benny played with Ayre Rayde? Anyone remember RE cranking the Union Station Grill? Prophecy playing the theme to the "Muppets Show"? I get chills just thinking about the hours I waited for Essence to set up. Shout out to...Big Mark of SE!

We remember when Benny played with Ayre Rayde, as a matter of fact we have the tape and it has been added to the order list.
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

This site took me way back, the first thing I remembered was dancing to T.R.O.U.B.L.E Funk E-Flat Boogie at the carnival in Eastover and fell in love with Go-Go. My husband and I were talking and were saying how you would come out from a Go-Go soak-n-wet from dancing. Wow, we were in shape those days. I LOVE YOUR SITE. Yes, the day I heard your site I got back my girlish figure-keep doing what you are doing. Hey does any one remember the guitar player that was left handed and what group he played in, that dude could play? BALLOU KNIGHT "84"

We think you are talking about Hollywood from Redds & The Boys, he has a comment 2 up from this one.
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Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Look players I'm originally a New Yorker. I came to this area in 1983. I was in the Marine Corps stationed in Quantico. I became friends with a guy named Douglas Smith. DC Smitty is what we called him. He took me to my first Go-Go at Cherry Skate. What an experience that was. Me him and my man Phil (R.I.P.) was standin' in line waitin' to get in to the spot. While we in line two females in line talkin' about what they gonna do if they see "this female" when they get in. Two other brother talkin' about a car they stole just to get up to this joint. We drinkin' 40's of Old E while we waitin'. We finish them up and then we go in. Of course we get the pat down at the door, we pay our $5 and go inside. We take two steps in and all of a sudden a dude run past us. Soon after that three other dudes run by one of em got a gun. I start trippin', Doug and Phil keep movin' like it ain't nothin'. At this point we way in the back. So Doug tells me to hold on to his shoulder and then Phil holds on to mine and we start walkin' towards the front groovin'. Next thing I know we in the front row. Touch of Class, Ayre Rayde, E.U. and Chuck was at this spot. As the bands were playin' I could see everybody was hipnotized by this music. It put people in a trance. I mean everybody. The females were givin' it up too. When we left that spot it was like 6:00am. We had a female a piece and it was on. I did not realize the affect that Go-Go had on me until I left in 2004. I began to fiend for some Go-Go. To this day I don't know why Go-Go is not as popular in the world as Hip-Hop or R&B. Somebody need to do something about that. Thanks for the web site and the oportunity to express.

Nice Story, that sounds like Cheriy's!
Thank You For Your Support!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Spent many a Friday night back in 84-86 hitting up the Black Hole and WUST. Not to mention Crystal Skate on Saturdays. Who can forget Wilmer's Park, the Howard, and one of my all-time favorites--the Washington Coliseum. Man I remember waiting until like 3:30 in the morning just for RE to set up at the Hole. Those were the days. I can't listen to this noise they call go-go nowadays. It's nothing like the true GO-GO we grew up to. Great job on this site.

Man I am a go-go maniac, you hit it right on point, band and show, I am not knocking on the new school go-go, but its like rap, you have to really know your history on that old shcool go-go, I want to hear them horns keyboards, congo's, and that foot, you need that foot on those drums, right now new don't know how to show their talent, and they do have talent, they want to play roller toms all night or at least 85% of the time, talk to the crowd, let them know it's about a good show, put people on display, but if you don't have a horn section, give me that raw hot funky go-go like the GOOD JUNK did with those drums, congo's, and cowbell and give them that raw, socket and drop it down to a pocket mix with that cowbell and talk to the crowd, make me want to rewind the cd, just to hear that crancking a@% socket and then give us a real show......Big TIME BOLT...repping that Chillum Heights crew, Fleetwood, Langley Park, Riggs Park, Michigan Park, and like Funk say, from uptown, across town, around town, and out of town, where u from, you digg.... We really need an old school party, with nothing but old school like you have oldies but goodies cabaret's, but the real deal the old school bands like E.U, Chuck, R.E, Junk, Pleasure, Hot Cold Sweat, N.E.G, you already feel me .....

Old School GoGo is the best. Reasonable rates, good quality of music for it's archives that can last a lifetime. I recommend this site to everyone who loves old school gogo. The quality is clear for it's generation and I am amazed with the fast service when I request for old shows. I support this website and will always bring reputable business with you guys.....Best Regards, BoxingDave

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What's good? My name is Chris Evans Lead rapper of one of the baddest old school bands in the Oxon Hill area Known as BLACK NATION. For those who know about us just remember one thing (WHO YOU GONNA CALL? BLACK NATIONNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!)

This is Big D from 12th st SE crew & Potomac Gardens and a extra shout out to Ben's Chili Bowl they open early and close later and thats what make the Hotdogs so dog gon great, don't forget that HUR crew, Johnny Boys Southern AVE, Capitol Carryout with the hole Steakncheese Subs and if you can remember WOOL and WOOK Soul Popa the Be Bopper the boss applesauce, Bobby Bennet who's still in it with XM radio.

Shamrick bowling alley in N.W., The Colesium, Wilmers park & the Masonic temple.

We are here in HotLanta, and we (my Co-Workers) & I absolutely love the site!! All the hits of yesteryear!! Thanks so much.

Hey listen I am really enjoying the GOGO site but there is a place that is missing from your spot of places, that GOGO in VA was the spot to be, it was in Rappahannock, County and the place was Cross Creek. It was just out side of Warrenton, VA you had to cross a make shift bridge, one way in and in the winter time they had to cylinders (bullets) in the middle of the floor to heat the room, and in the back it was Ms. Morgan frying the best wings you have every tasted. This really brings back a lot of memories.

I listen to your music at work online. I would like to be able to listen to it at home and in my car. It's nice to hear what is meaningful music.

Don't forget about Riggs bowling alley, Ebony Inn, the Howard Theater, Masonic Temple, the Ibex, the Atlas, Tolliver Court, Oakcrest Rec., Northwest Gardens and W.U.S.T. Those were the days. I remeber $3 go go's.

I remember too man. I wish that you could get 5 bands 4 $5. 0h and enjoy all the bands. I pray that the younger generation do what's right and put those GUNS DOWN. I LOVE GO GO, this is all D.C got, lets keep gogo alive. Peace, what's up 28th SE

My road through GoGo went from Black Nation band, to Prophecy band to Hot Cold Sweat to Lil Benny to being brought out of retirement to play with CrossOver band now to "NexXx Level" band. The "Grown & Sexy Unit" Not the younger group.

Bookings....301-672-6133 Pop's Management

I've been doing it with alot of folk since I was 13 years old and just love the sound, the energy and the Love from all my friends and supporters.NexXx Level band has old school GoGo members from "Class Band-Tidy" Ovation Band-Bill Suber, And the list of groups I've been in. GoGo will live in my heart 4Life and I love the old stuff and SOME of the new. Keep up the good work on the site
"Slim Jim","Big Jim"- Rototoms & vocals

Wow I am very happy that you have this site. I love old school. I will inform everyone of this site it is the baddest of the baddest. Thanks for all the hard work in putting this old school classics together. I cannot get enough of these songs they really bring back some good old memories. Thank you and all who put this together I have it in my favorites and will listen to it everyday all day and will tell all my friends and relatives about it for sure.
God Bless you all.


This site is off da chain. Love IT!!!!

Bout time we got something for D.C. to represent with. Go Go is ours and will always be ours. Keep up the good work!


I live in Philly now, but I'm always ride or die D.C. and there is nothing better than GoGo music. The Coliseum, Masonic Temple, Howard Theatre, Capital Centre, Etc. love this site always
DADDY FATTS Of Proper Utencils Band (1980s)

I'm from the Big Apple, but use to camp out on 4th and W, N.E. while in the Marines. Anyone remember Gail James and the Anthony Devon Dancers out of Manny's Club? Shout out to the Recon if you do.

Hi, Okay first I'd like to say that I LOVE your site and the music you have there... I would also like to thank you for putting this together as this helps me get through my workday. I really enjoy the slow jams and I thought I was the only one who loved the songs that you have on there. I'm an R&B head and I must say that your collection is one of pure genious. Kudos to you!! And the GoGo is off the hook too....

Can I request one thing? Would you add RE - "What Would You Do for the Money" from their We Go On and On album? That would be lovely. Anyway, continue entertaining folks and doing your thang!!

HeyHey This is MonieLove checking in, this is the BEST website EVER!!!!! It can't get no better---LOVE IT! Keep going, and going, and going... much love always to ALL old and new GoGoHeads. Who ever visit this website, must pass it on to keep it going!! GOGO 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember back n da late 80s early 90s going up Triples 2c Junk and watching them practice down da farms back in da day. And hearing my older cousins talk about how they used to walk up to da Kalarama Room from cross town back n da day. Yeah that was live, youngings now days don't know what they're missing.

I was the younger Busey Brothers, I started playing go go when I was 12. My uncle George Busey said this is a way to keep us out of trouble. That was about 20 or ..something years ago. Since then my uncle has gone to be with the rest of the Go Go stars. I believe they are still jamin. Be Bless Go Go Heads. And to all the Pump Blenders, you guys know the Busey Brothers started the Pump Blenders.

Big Ups to all Busey Brothers and their fans from the big brother longlegs on roto toms and front line vocals..Twist and Shout!

Hey fella you left out the baddest rap rhymer from back in the day, who played with Ayre Rayde. His name was Go Go mike, everybody knows he was the lyricsist to everything Ayre Rayde made. He brought go go to Maryland the baddest rapper ever in the state of Maryland. Everybody loved him from D.C., he had a D.C. mix with NY style rap, he was awsome. 1979-1985 he was untouchable and still got it to this day. TOP MC's Chuck, Funk, Little Benny, Sugar Bear, Go Go Mike, Fat Tony, Redds, Simie.

I'm from FL and I have been into gogo for a long time, then I got with my husband who is from DC/MD/VA and we moved back to his hometown. I felt like I was in gogo heaven. Now back in FL and searching everywhere to get me some more gogo. The best site on the web.

You left out bigdaddy pump!

I love old school GO-GO. GO-GO was introduced to Columbian Maryland in the early 80's. Bands such as EU, Ayrde Rayde, Class, RE would come and play at our neighborhood centers. Although Columbia had a Baltimore influence, GO-GO took over. Back in the day, you could hear GO-GO all over Columbia. There is a group of us that still live and die for GO-GO. We trade CD's, we talk about all the bands. When we all first started driving, we would find our way to places like the Howard Theater, Coliseum, Cheriy's, Ibex, before you knew, we were traveling all over DC to see bands.

I just want to say Hey to all the other "old-heads" that remember when "our" GoGo was real music. Party and jam all night wit a few "scuffles" ... no gunplay over sneakers. Anyway, I was on S. Capitol St. some months ago and had my heart crushed, the tractor operator who was making Cheriy's debris, didn't know the history of the building. Does anyone have information about what is going to happen to the Howard? I love you all. Old School GoGo Lover signing out.

Finally a real "old school website" about go-go. I dont know what these young bucks are playing now but it definitely aint go-go music. Every band sounds the same. There is no creativity, no originality and no talent. Back in the day, you could tell a band just by the horn section alone. Hell these days bands dont have a horn section and not much of a percussion set. I call this new age go-go music go-hop music which is half go-go and rap. As for the Howard Theatre it is currently being renovated. This should have been done years ago. This is a national treasure. Every time I drive by the"Howard" I shed a tear remembering the good old days of RE and Blk love playing till 6'in the morning. Old school forever.

To whom it may concern, I just wanted to write a note to THANK YOU for coming up with your site!!! I appeciate you! You have go go's on here that I was at when I was 15,16, 17, 18, etc....., yrs. old!! Im 44 now so to be able to revisit those days is a blessing. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! You got my support!
Big Tree

Amazing website!!! I am grateful that it is here. I will be putting the word out!

Ok I'm an ole school go-go fan myself. But yall forgot all about LEGACY BAND! From Arlington, Va. They was like that, because for real they was the ones that helped NEG get on the map. LEGACY was wit NEG wit big Butch. Yeah, forgot that huh??? As usual quiet as kept, but the band was like dat. The shows was alway, JUNK, NEG, LEGACY, then R.E. Yeah at the firehouse, A.B.C., LEGION, AND THE SKATING RINK DOWN DUMPHRIES! I would name a lot more, but yall understand now. How I know, cause the bama's use to practice at my house everyday, before a show!

Yo Yo, this is Myron now living in the Atl. I use to play with Pure Elegance back in the day. This site really takes me back. Glad to see you keeping Go Go alive.

This is Sharon, better known as Tootie. I grew up in Linda Pollin S.E...yes right on Bellevue St, and I remember all those places, then and now. I remember watching Rare Essence practice in Quincy's back yard. We'd always stop and listen to them on our way down Southern Ave going to Eastover.. THOSE WERE THE DAYS! Thanks for the memories, I miss those days, and living in NC now, I miss GoGo..keep it alive sweety, bring back the good ole days, and I will support you in any effort or cause you have. Love the Bands, in Love with the Music.
S. Sellers..Ballou High Class of '79

First, let me commend you on this site. It is extremely informative and on point. It is always good to reminisce on the old days and pass on some Go Go history to the new generation of bands. Your "History of Go Go" page (although it's hard to find on this site) should be mandatory reading for anyone claiming to be a fan of Go Go. I have a nephew that sings with one of the new bands, who was lucky enough to have their music playing on the radio. He heard me playing a '85 or '86 Essence w/ Mike Muse singing "This Christmas" and he had no idea who Mike Muse was. I told him that Mike is/was the best singer in Go Go, and burned him a few cd's of Mike singing w/ Essence, Proper Utensils and A Touch Of Essence to prove my point. He called me back a week later to tell me that I was right. That just proved my point that the youngins don't know enough about Go Go's history. With that said, I am emailing your site to everyone that I know! Keep it up.
What's up T. Roosevelt Class of '87?

Man, this is tight. I grew up in Landover (Ardmore). I'm 41 now. Boy, this took me back in the day. I live in Hampton Roads, Va. I remember if you had a fresh tape everybody wanted a copy. Believe it or not I still got a few tapes of Essence. My son said how did yall get to the song you wanted to hear. He thinks 45's are big black CDs. Keep GoGo kickin.
Kenny J. Blade '85

This is Tyrone from Suitland (Shadyside). I now live in Fl. and i got 2 say, this is by far the best ole school gogo site. I can remember being 6 deep in a chevete going to the gogo's, from wilmars park, blackhole, evans grill, eastside, Cheriy's and on and on. I can remember being at Cheriy's with essence and physical wonders how they use to crank like a mug, and we tried to tape essence and almost got caught. They did not want to be bootlegged. Me and 5 partners of mines was passing the tape player around for at least 15 mins. We got away with it and was cranking the tape back to MD. That was around 84. I'm not even going 2 mention the Capital Center shows or the RFK shows. The back to school boogies. I don't go to gogo's anymore, but 2 the new bands, get out your old pa tapes study them and learn how to grove and actually put on a show instead of sounding like a rapper with gogo music in the background. Be original. All these alphabet bands sounds the same. STEP YOUR GAME UP. I AM OLE SCHOOL GOGO UNTIL THE DAY I DIE.


Your music is wonderful! It makes my day go by so much better!

Whats up stars its your boy Bun Bee. I love this site because all this stuff now on the go-go front is crap. I love to reminence about the good ol days, it will never be like that again. 5 bands in 1 night and every band was a headliner and everyband cranked and everybody danced. Keep it comin and much much love. Sometimes we would leave Cheriy's after the good JYB left to go see them play at another venue.
Class of 88 Oxon Hill High

Hey I grew up in Seat Pleasant and the only time I could attend go-gos was either at Crystal Skate, Rec Centers or at one of the high school events but I remember the battle between towns something like SE better than NE-- anyway Seat Pleasant forever!
KET class of 86.

Hi. I would like to say "Thanks" for the memories of the songs. I too grew up on this music, and to sit at the computer and listen to these sounds....What a time I had just thinking back. The music sounded so good to my 13 year old son, he began to ask questions about the music and what was I doing at the time of the song (as I laughed, cried, and even pretended to be at the concerts). We enjoyed all of the three hours that we spent listening. I want to thank you and your staff for coming up with the site and the wonderful mother/son time that my son Ji'Marrius and I had together. Now he knows what "real" music sounded like in our time. Love to you and keep the site going.
Valerie West-Creal (class of 84) Pine Bluff, AR

Don't forget about the go-gos at Rosecroft RaceWay with RE, EU, Trouble. And also don't forget about Southeast Gardens off of Southern Ave near South View.
Special shout out to that Friendly High Crew! Wayne, Curt, Guy (RIP), Tim, Mason (RIP), Butter, Ben, Baltimore, Mac, Sherm, Kofi, Round 1 Eric, James, Steve, & Me Big Derek

What's up DC!!! I am from Riggs Park (oh oh the baby ghetto) and I am currently living in ATL. I LOVE the fact that I can click on this site and listen to old school go-go ALL DAY LONG!!! I've gotten out my seat @ work plenty of times while reminiscing as I listen & break out doing the hee haw or shaking it hard during go go mickey solos (LOL)! Thank you soooo much & keep the music playing so I can show ATL how DC really get down. DC FOREVER!!!
Ruggy Luv

What's up peeps out there this BIG D from the MINNESOTA AVE CREW and would like to thank you for this site. I'm chillin in Cali now but still down with the GO-GO out here, thanks to my BIG BRO back there in Burtonsville, MD. What's up BIG BRO MARVIN? Well keep up the good work, peace!

My little brother told me about this site, because I dog him out all the time about what the Old School GO GO shows was like compared to now. I'm very pleased that this site is here, this is our HISTORY and I like to say thank you. I can listen to this all day.
Eric Young of Main Source Entertainment


Hey this is 88 from that old PepBoys Band and show. Just one of the many bands from the Oxon Hill area, glad to see us keeping oldskool gogo alive. WoW, so many very good memories from Cherrys, Crystal Skate, Friendly Annex, you name it. Also want to say I have much respect for the many oldskool gogo band musicians who continue to play, while keeping this art form fresh.

Hi, I remember the Busey Brothers. They are baddddd. I used to roll at the Parks with the Go Go sound that they used to play. You knew you was jamming when they started playing in clubs and everywhere. One thing has happened, and that is one of the Busey Brothers is still jamming with a different band in DC. He's bad on that guitar. His name is Keith. Continue playing Keith, it's badddd.

Peace, I love this site. I am an old school fan (Oxon Hill 85'). This music is the back drop to my life. I miss the old school flow. The era was great. The shows and the Music. My son loves this new school stuff. I always ask him "how can you have Go-Go Music with no Congos?" Shout out to that Oxon Hill Crew. What's up Louis...

Hello and how's things. I am writing in reference to your website that I came across via gogobeat.com, a fantastic job you have done as well. Your write up brought back some old memories, thanks. Im a 37 year older that grew up in Riverdale Md though alot of my youth was spent like you, since I was 14 I been going to gogos. I would do damn near anything just to go to a show. My 1st gogo was Little Benny @ Greenbelt VFW. I hung out at the VFW all day waiting for the show and had told my moms I was spending the nite @ a friends house cuz she wasn't to fond of me going to gogos and sure wouldn't of tolerated me getting home @ 3am. I actually ended up sleeping outside, but I saw Class Band, Chance Band, Little Benny and 1 other. One of the most memorable times of my life, a teenage white boy alone goin hard at a gogo, but man what a time. Anyways thanks for your time and much props 4 still lovin the gogo. That stuff truly never dies, once its in you its in you..

I was born in Washington, DC and raised in the Maryland suburbs and although I have not always been a fan of the Go-Go genre of music, there are a few bands and songs that I remember as a child that bring back fond memories. Money by Chuck Brown especially. Watching my older family members enjoying the sounds blasting from every radio in the neighborhood will resonate in my mind for years to come. I have to say that this site and the passion that I can tell by reading your memoirs of the good ole days of sneaking into the Go-Go's were priceless. I really enjoy the Old School Funk and Old School Slow Jams at work. I wish you and this site much success and hope that for those who have only negative thoughts of the newer Go-Go scene visit this site to enjoy your stories of the past and how it all started.
Good Luck!

I am an young-old head and I grew up in Parkland in SE. My two homies Bojack and Charlie got me started in go-go. Hey what ever happened to Charlie from Familiar Faces because he was holding it down while Bojack was gone. I really love those guys, they are two of the most realest dudes you ever want to meet!

Hey! It's April from PA. and I LOVE this site, it keeps me awake at work ahahaha, and some of those R&B songs on there I thought I was the only one that dug em, keep doin' whatcha doin!!!


Great site! Thanks for putting all this together for us. Brings back a whole lot of memories. Don't forget about Our Lady Queen Of Piece in Arlington VA, Cora Kelly and James Lee Rec centers in Alexandria VA, and you definately can't leave out Haines Point and Wilmers Park!

Hello this is Big Marky from Sursum Corda's, how can you leave out my Neighborhood? Much as we support go-go music and always on everyone tape and CD. You must add us to the site.

Hey Marky, our fault! We thought Sursum Corda was already on the site. We have now added you.
Thank You For Your Support!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

Aint nothing like old school go-go music. By the way, you left out Brentwood, Montana and 12th Street. Yougins now call it "Saratoga" for short, since Montana Terrace was torn down. 12th street has become a ghost town and BrentWood is hanging on by a thread.

We have now added Brentwood.
Thank You For Your Support!
Sherman Mills & Old School GoGo Staff

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