A Tribute To Sequan, Family & The Huck-A-Bucks!

More Info on Sequan Delvon Jones coming soon! If you have additional photos or information on Sequan, we would greatly appreciate it if you could forward it to us. Thank You - OSGOGO

Condolences & Comments!

I went to Duval with Sequan, he sat next to me in French class our 10th grade year. I remember him being very quiet, and constantly picking at the band aids he had on his hands every day. I finally couldn't take it anymore, curiosity got the best of me and I asked about the band aids. Then and only then did he speak of him playing for the Huck a Bucks.

My memories of him are very gentle, humble with a great sense of humor. He was a very talented congo player, and he invited me on several occasions to come see him play...I really wish that I had. It is nine years later and I found myself wondering about him and looking for him on the net, only to find that he left this earth way too soon. I'm sorry...this is definitely not how i expected my search for him to end :( Danielle

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Man, I appreciated the fact that you took the time and gave me your autograph, without hesitation. You were gone too soon! You coulda been up there with the greats in terms of percussionist of Go-Go, i.e. Wink, Heay One, Go-Go Mickey and Ju-Ju. Who knows? Sadly, we'll never get to find out. GOD BE WITH THE JONES FAMILY!--D from SE

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Young! U were doing your thing. I know u r still doing it in heaven. We miss u and the rest of the fellas. Lord has his own go-go band, THE HEAVENLY BAND AND SHOW. R.I.P. Hey quan showem your style. Lil-Mike from Waldorf, MD. now in Newport News, VA. Much love to your family.

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Sequan you dat nigga, now and forever.

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